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Full-service tree care for the entire San Antonio, TX And the Surrounding area.

The main reasons for pruning ornamental and shade trees include safety, health, and aesthetic. Proper crown thinning & deadwood removal will reduce hazards, improve aesthetics and tree health. Pruning on a regular basis will greatly extend the life expectancy of your trees, enhance your view and allow more light into your yard and home increasing your property value. We prune/trim according to ANSI standards.

Why trim?

Periodically it becomes necessary to trim your trees. In spring and summer months when there is significant rainfall trees grow rather quickly causing overgrowth. You will notice during these periods that tree limbs may hang low and touch the roof. It’s at this point when storms and strong winds occur that your overgrown trees are susceptible to limb damage or breakage.

When should you trim?

Homeowners frequently ask, “when should I trim my trees”? Answer = Outside of the above-mentioned overgrowth it is usually a personal preference or when trees look untidy or in need of a clean-up pruning. In Texas, you can trim trees year-round. It is important to know that no more than 25% of the canopy (foliage) should be removed when trimming trees, and deadwood can be trimmed at any time.


Cutting back a palm tree or removing fronds eliminates nesting for insects, rats, scorpions, and many other nasty pests.
Trimming back palm trees is necessary when they block views on your property or are a fire hazard.


Mother nature plays a role in devastation and can be detrimental to your property. We're here to assist you in clean up and prevention for the future.

At Yates Tree Inc, we strive to provide the best possible care and tree service in the San Antonio and surrounding areas.  We provide professional residential and commercial emergency storm damage.


Clearing overhanging tree limbs regularly will help to prevent damage to rooftops and accidents that can occur. Some of the damage that can occur include gutter damage from leaves, shingle damage, and tree limbs falling on your home or neighbors which can be costly. We take this very seriously and are extremely careful. 


Keeping trees free and clear of moss not only promotes healthy growth but also prevents damage to your roof. Once established, moss can take over acting as a sponge as it sits on your shingles, trapping water, and weighing down your roof. The key to a healthy tree is the leaf population. When moss grows on the leaves it can cause devastation up to 60% loss in foliage.


Call Now For A Free Consultation And Professional Diagnosis For All Of Your Tree Problems. Proper Tree Care Is An Investment Which Can Lead To Substantial Returns.


Tree Cabling is the process of securing a cable to a problematic tree limb to reduce the chances of it breaking or prevent damage to a structure below. Cabling is like an insurance policy if you don’t want to remove the entire limb. Tree Cabling reinforces your tree's limbs and reduces the chance of your tree falling during a storm. 


We specialize in oak wilt identification, treatment, and management. Oak wilt is a vascular fungal disease that enters and obstructs a tree's inner vascular system that transports nutrients throughout the tree which affects the entire tree. This fungal disease is spread through beetles or root grafting. 


We fertilize with an excellent nutrient package plus minerals for your trees. For optimal results, we suggest deep root feeding which is a process of injecting concentrated fertilizers into the soil. For a more economical feeding, we can spread a slow timed released granular fertilizer. We provide a full-service menu for all tree problems.


We have highly experience tree professionals who specialize in high-risk tree removals. We offer safe, professional service when removing hazardous trees. Before cutting a tree down, we carefully consider the alternatives. The effects of removing a tree are often pronounced in landscape situations and may result in reduced property values. Tree removal should be considered as the final option. Tree removal is inherently dangerous and is even more serious when homes and other targets are involved. 

If you have, brush piles, branches or other forms of debris from fallen trees, our brush chipping service is available to customers who have us cut or trim their trees, We use our chippers to grind branches and brush piles and either leave them for you to use as mulch on your property or haul away if you prefer.  It can be extremely dangerous to use a wood chipper to cut brush and tree branches. Please hire a professional for this type of job. 



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